Friday, April 11, 2008

Sometimes It Snows in April

I think I just saw flurries outside our window. Because the Lordie Lord knows, I'm not actually going to go out and inspect that myself.

What up, April? I mean, you're April, for God's sake. The month of showers, not snow and hail storms. You are supposed to beget May flowers. But if you insist on this line of action, you will--and rather are--freeze off all the precious buds we have going. And that, April, I'm reluctant to admit-- because of your intimate connection with Mother Nature--will Piss. Me. Off.

(As if that's a threat. Damn meteorological impotence.)

I mean, come on, already. Snow? It's not like we live in North Dakota where this is expected behavior. This is Kansas City. Home of 97 to 100 plus degree summers and subsequent scorched yards. We've already begun to plant our herbs. This is cruel and rather unusual.

If only I could figure out a way to send you to bed without dinner . . .

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