Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just in Case You Were Wondering (or You've Been Revealed!)

So. I just took a peeksie at my analytics, the data about my Web site--who visits, how they get here, where they're from, how quickly they flee to some other site--and I thought it might be interesting to share with you a sampling o' keywords that have actually led the people to my blog.

Just as a Thursday afternoon treat.

(Except for the fact that it's Wednesday.)

  • "his bra"--in quotes
  • buttpenis--all one word
  • cheesy way to say i love you--and why was this person looking for the cheesy ways, not, say, the sincere ways. That will forever be a mystery. (Or will it, dear reader?)
  • fat stick figure
  • i threw out my shoulder--ah, I remember that. First day with the Wii. Good times. I wonder if they found what they needed in my post?
  • i threw out my shoulders
  • kc chiefs t-shirt from urban outfitters
  • mammograph photo boob
  • take off his bra--which makes me wonder why he had one on. And why it was so tricky to remove it that he had to google a solution
  • tori spelling cleavage 2004--a mediocre year for the Ms. Spelling, methinks
  • where to buy heirloom tomatoes in kansas city

And the post popular--any variation on Auden's poem, "Funeral Blues," the results of which I'm sure did help them score mightily on their critical analysis paper.

But apparently, I will be blogging about that more often . . .


carie said...

I can't believe your blog contains such racy keywords in it. Buttpenis? Where is this old post? I must read it.

Oh and is it really that hard to find Heirloom tomatoes in KC that one must google where to find them?

I wonder what google image shows as a "fat stick figure"? I think I will try it out...

carie said...

i know this is probably illegal in the blog world to leave two comments in a row, but just had to share the most interesting keyword of the day to my blog:
"nine year old little sexy lips"

I don't even want to imagine...

spamchang said...

=\ hope all's well. that last line didn't give me such an impression...

Craig & Caprice Caster said...

Ahh, Sarah,

I'm so glad I popped into your blog today. It brightened my spirits. You have such a way with words. Makes me smile or laugh out loud nearly every time.