Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Strange Powers

I think I may be emitting abnormal levels of electromagnetic resonance.

Not a scientific finding. There were no doctors' visits or lab tests. I'm just going by the empirical data, my people. And the facts are these: my mail won't send, I crashed my backup hard drive (and lost all the "letters" I'd been saving since e-mail was born because I forgot to backup my mailchives). I can't log onto the Internet on my desktop computer.

I'm killing the electronics in our house, one small thumb drive, browser, DVD burner, and hard drive at a time.

I don't know if my new superpower benefits me or the cheerleaders, but I do know that the neoluddites can rally around my newfound abilities. And I'm available for e-retaliation should your devices be getting a little uppity.

Watch out Wii. I don't want to take you out, but apparently I can't help myself.


carie said...

This is REAL! Ricky has this EMI disease. His even extends to non-electronic stuff. I first noticed it when my brand new car's engine blew up after we were first married.

He kills all electronics.

Also, when I worked in Technical support a lady who worked with computers had the same problem. She kept causing her computer to error. Nobody else in her dental office would have any problems, but as soon as she would sit in front of her computer, it would freak out.

Who knew that there is a natural electronic force in the universe. Maybe you can move stuff with your mind too.

Sarah said...

That would so be worth it. I remember reading this book when I was a kid--Dar Tellum, can't believe I remember the title--that was all about a kid with telekinesis. I so wanted to go to there. Still do.

spamchang said...

What a terrible ailment! :p

On the other hand, I think you should go tour China again, and this time, you can visit those nondescript buildings where all manner of internet free speech seems to disappear into...