Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Again with the Snow?

Missouri is really chapping my butt.

One, it's snowing. Again. Okay, maybe that doesn't bother me as much as . . . two, the state was called for not my candidate. Happy camper I am not.

Especially since my buttocks and other parts are literally chapped, in that curious scaling that happens when dry heat meets 30something aging skin and cannot escape, but must burrow and ferret and claw its frustration into your very flesh. Yes, the air does this. And then the butt and fingers and knees crack and, wait till you hear this, BLEED.


Anonymous said...

I see you posted at 1:00 AM, they updated the result by 3:00 AM. All is well.

I'm more upset by my state and the disenfranchised voters in L.A.

But at least it's not snowing here.


imaginary binky said...

The butt bleeds? Wow. That is surely a sign of the Apocalypse.