Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Feature! New Labels! New! New! New!

So, the newness of this post caught your eye? Those loud, exclamated claims of novelty, of fresh surprise.

Well, I am proud to announce a new label for smabmouth--and one that you'll be seeing a lot of in the 365 to come. It shall be named: Crisp Apple Streudel.

This new label and the content that will ensue honors honor a commitment I made with Inkey over at the Marsh, namely to call out our favorite thing or event each day. (Some folks might just call this kind of a commitment a "resolution." I shy from that word. Or I embrace it a little too vigorously. It's a complicated relationship.)

This commitment was born from an evening ritual Finn and I have. After teeth are washed and books are read and the husband has made his exit to do whatever hubbins do in between books and bed (perhaps he Wiis?), Finn and I settle under the covers and talk about our favorite moments from that day. Sometimes we add in a very not favorite moment, like, today, when we tried to start a fire in our fireplace and forgot to open the damper. Certainly lives up to the name, that damper, because when it's not in play (or in play?) it fills the room with smoke and, you know, dampens . . . the . . . uh . . . spirits. Right'o.

So bad news: we spent the next hour airing out and freezing down the place that we had so joyfully warmed up. Good news: smells like campfire in here. (Or that could just be more bad news poorly spun.)

So on to the streudel for January 1, the streudel that will act as symbol for all streudels to come:

While Bear made a wicked lamb pie, Finn and I played board games--in the same pajamas that we woke up in.

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